Professional qualification

I am a chartered clinical psychologist and having been practicing for over 15 years. My qualification is recognised by the British Psychological Society and I am required by them to evidence annually, that I am practicing safely and responsibly. I am trained to doctoral level and have experience of working across the age groups and in a range of settings - from private practice to hospitals and secure units.

Therapy training

I have received training in cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), systemic therapy, neurolinguistic programming (NLP), cognitive analytic therapy, (CAT), hypnotherapy, time-line therapy, spectrum therapy and psychodynamic psychotherapy. I use these models to respond to those that I work with either as individuals, couples or in groups. I have also undertaken training as an advanced weight loss practitioner and am studying mindfulness


Supervision is an on-going requirement for chartered psychologists, and my supervisor is a consultant clinical psychologist with whom I meet regularly. I offer supervision to others, either qualified or in training, and support the local training courses in Sussex and Surrey. I am also involved in research and am a member of the Society for Psychotherapy Research, working with others to understand how to measure what we do, so that we can do more of what works well.

Work with teams and organisations

I have worked with teams and businesses to manage conflict, develop leadership, increase eficiency, prioritise tasks and reflect on processes. I believe that groups of people need regular support in order to work well and understand conflict as an interaction between the value systems of individuals. So I view my consultation with teams and organisations as a method of enhancing the work and output of that business.

Work within the criminal justice system

From time to time I prepare reports for court and have supported individuals in a range of areas, such as: parenting assessments, fitness to plead and the psychological effects of trauma and stress.