Where do I work?

I have space to work in central Uckfield, Brighton/Hove and Newhaven.

What is the difference between me and a psychiatrist?

I am trained to doctorate level and specialise in talking therapies. Psychiatrists are medically trained doctors that specialise in diagnosis and the prescription of medication. Sometimes they also train in talking therapies.

What is the difference between me and a counsellor?

The names we take usually relate to our training and therefore describe what we have had to do to gain our qualification. Essentially, 'counselling' and 'therapy' are words that can loosely describe all our work

How long does it take?

In many ways it depends on what you want to get out of it and how long you have had the problem. Therapy is going to be an experience that shapes your life but is only part of it, so the ending should be in sight from the beginning. It will depend on time, money and emotional availability - after all it is just one of the things that you are doing in your life and must be balanced with other priorities. We will always keep this in sight, as 'good enough' endings are as important as 'good enough' beginnings. My favorite quote about therapy is: "you don't have to be crazy to go to therapy any more than you have to be stupid to go to school".