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Work with individuals and couples

The initial consultation (usually over the phone) is free. Thereafter consultation and therapy sessions are priced hourly. This will be agreed before the work begins and I am happy to be paid in cash, by cheque or via bank transfer.

Individuals sessions are usually £200 and take place for an agreed number of weeks before review. However, concessions are negotiable and are dependent on individual circumstances - please ask.

I do offer Skype sessions during a piece of work if it is not possible to meet face-to-face, and this is agreed in advance. The work I do is valuable to me and the people I work with. Being in the room together is the most effective way to achieve this, but it is also possible to use technology now to achieve this, remotely. These sessions are usually £150.

Couple sessions are usually £250 and take place fortnightly or monthly depending on the nature of the work, before review.

Work with teams

These are done in consultation with your organisation to achieve what you need for your team. Prices vary according to need, but these can be done in your place of work, in another setting and on the water, in a range of craft. Usually this is £3000 per day for 10-12 people.


Supervision sessions are negotiated between myself and the supervisee and are dependent on level of the training and experience; and the work setting.

Professional consultation

Assessments and reports are priced according to the length of time taken to complete the work, the nature and complexity of the questions being asked, and the setting in which it is being conducted.