I have undertaken the ASIST training and am able to offer a specific conversation about suicide, aiming to keep you "safe for now".

Weight loss and management

I have undertaken a qualification in clinical weight loss and am able to offer personalised weight loss and management sessions.

These will be built to match your needs from a menu of: biometric measurement, motivational coaching, hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, neurolinguistic programming nutritional analysis and menu planning.

These sessions can be undertaken alongside most other programmes and can be an addition to what you are already doing, or a stand alone programme to take you to the look and feel that you have in your mind.

Compassion circle

I am setting up a compassion circle based on the work of Frameworks for Change. This will have the focus of supporting those that care for others, in many different roles, and will be a community based resource for those that can access the group. That will include those caring for friends and family members and those in employment in a caring profession.

It offers participants the change to share, re-charge and connect. It also means that you have a source of support when you need it, and time for yourself.

More about this in the future.

Low-cost hypnotherapy, NLP and time-line therapy

These types of support are often very expensive and not often accessible on the NHS. None are currently available in the Newhaven, Lewes, Peacehaven, Seaford area for adults with mental health problems.

I am looking to provide a service for those that want to access this therapy, at the lowest cost possible, so that it is both affordable and safe. I am a practitioner that works with chronic and severe mental health problems, and can advise about the suitability of using these to help you get the results you need.